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We are an accessible program that provides students with peer guidance about academic, social, and many more aspects of life at school. We aim to help students who are starting a new stage in their life, from middle school to college, making sure they feel prepared and confident for their next steps. To achieve this, we offer free online services such as, but not limited to: one-on-one tutoring for academic subjects, webinars and interviews with high school and college students to share their experiences and advice, peer counseling on courses and scheduling, and many more. All of these services are student-organized, because we believe that no one understands students better than their own peers. 

We also aim to specifically help the Chinese-American student body. As a marginalized and under-represented group in the US, we wish to help the community to stand on even-ground as everyone else. As the three founders of this organization are all Chinese-Americans, this goal resonates with us strongly. Aside from services that welcome and are offered to all (in English), we will also be providing most services in Mandarin, as well as offering perspectives from Chinese-American high school and college students.  

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